About Us

Student Legal Services provides preventive legal education & legal consultation to MU students on the Columbia campus. Our mission is to help students learn how to resolve any legal conflicts and disputes currently interfering with their goals, as well as how to apply this learning throughout their lives. There is a small fee for this service.

Legal Consultations

Half-hour individual consultations with a licensed attorney are available to all University of Missouri students who are currently enrolled at the Columbia campus and have paid activity fees. In accord with these rules, all information shared in consultation with an attorney are held in strictest confidence.

Legal Representation

We do not represent clients in communications or negotiations or go to court to litigate for them. In contrast, we focus on student learning, while providing legal service at all times consistent with the Rules of Professional Conduct of the Missouri Bar Association.


Funded entirely through Student Activity fees, as allocated annually by the Missouri Students Association in cooperation with the Graduate and Professional Council, SLS is part of both the MSA and the University of Missouri Department of Student Life